Top 13 Data Enrichment Companies in 2024 (Honest Reviews)

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Data Enrichment, at its core, is a process that enhances, refines, and complements a company's existing data with additional high-quality information from external sources. It includes techniques like data consolidation, validation, standardization, and augmentation to create a comprehensive and accurate set of data.

Consider a canvas - in its bare state, it's valuable. However, when the artist adds color and texture, it becomes a priceless work of art. Data is much like this canvas for businesses.

Data Enrichment, at its core, is a process that enhances, refines, and complements a company's existing data with additional high-quality information from external sources. It includes techniques like data consolidation, validation, standardization, and augmentation to create a comprehensive and accurate set of data.

For instance, let's look at a simple customer data record consisting of the customer's name and email. This can be considered 'unenriched' as it lacks detailed insights about the customer. However, when we add additional information to this record, like the customer's age, address, preference history, buying habits, etc., we enrich the data, making it more valuable for businesses.

Data enrichment companies, using sophisticated tools, and algorithms, help you:

  • Gain a better understanding of your website visitors, potential consumers, or companies.
  • Enhance low-quality records while ensuring your data is accurate and updated.
  • Obtain additional valuable insights without having to request the user directly.
  • Provide improved security and user experience through ID verification during onboarding and transaction stages.

In today's competitive market, it's no longer enough for businesses to make decisions based strictly on internal data. A comprehensive view of a customer or prospect comes from integrating internal data with enriched external data. With data enrichment, businesses can tap into a wider pool of information to gain a holistic view of their customers.

For example, an e-commerce business can use data enrichment to understand customer product preferences, spending habits, and responsiveness to promotions – leading to more personalized and effective marketing campaigns.

The benefits of data enrichment can be massive and impactful. These benefits include:

  • Better Decision Making: Enriched data gives businesses improved insights which, in turn, leads to informed decisions.
  • Improved Personalization: Using enriched data, businesses can target customer interests more accurately, thus enhancing personalization.
  • Increased Customer Engagement: Engaging with customers in a relevant and personalized way further improves the customer experience, leading to increased satisfaction and loyalty.

Criteria for Evaluating Data Enrichment Companies

Choosing an optimal data enrichment company that aligns with your business needs can be a daunting challenge. There are several crucial factors to consider when evaluating potential solutions which can significantly influence data quality, marketing reach, customer service, and overall business growth.

Here are some integral criteria that you should consider:

A. Reliability:

Reliable data enrichment providers supply information that is factually correct and updated. The idea is to verify its accuracy and obtain additional information so as to assess its overall value. For instance, in a scenario of lead acquisition, you should be expecting not just thousands of names and email addresses but their validation and added usable information.

B. Scalability:

Sales databases usually expand over time as a business launches more campaigns or experiences overall growth. As such, you must look for a data enrichment service that is scalable. This means that it should go beyond providing basic contact information and supply information on a vast number of potential clients.

C. Compliance:

The term 'compliance' is frequently employed by data enrichment vendors. It is crucial for you to understand what it means and how it affects your responsibility. For instance, are they able to provide certification for their compliance, or are they self-declared? The answer to these questions can greatly influence your company’s legal situation in the future.

D. Integration Capabilities:

Another key factor to consider is the relationship and mode of communication between the enrichment platform and the other technologies in your sales stack. What level of compatibility can you expect when importing data from the enrichment platform into your CRM?

E. Cost:

Cost will invariably be affected by all the aforementioned factors, particularly precision. There’s a problem if a data enrichment company provides you thousands of leads, but only a small percentage of them are actually usable.

F. Customer Service:

Good customer service can make the difference between a seamless workflow and operational snags that cause bottlenecks. It's crucial to ensure that the company you choose provides prompt and efficient support to tackle any challenges.

In conclusion, making the right choice involves a careful assessment of your business needs, financial capability, and the features offered by the data enrichment company. By selecting the right partner, you can unlock valuable insights and transform the trajectory of your business.

Top 13 Data Enrichment Companies in 2024

As data becomes increasingly central to running successful businesses, the demand for data enrichment services has boomed. However, the market is laden with numerous providers, each promising unique solutions. To home in on the perfect data enrichment partner, let's consider the top 13 data enrichment companies in 2024:


Datanyze is a groundbreaker in technographics - it provides insights about the technology employed by companies. They use a web crawler similar to Google, scanning for tags on your website to identify the type of analytics or marketing automation you're using.

Datanyze Homepage

Key Features

  • Lets users gather data directly from a company’s website or a user’s social media profile.
  • Provides a Google Chrome extension for quick access to third-party data about potential clients.
  • Enriches company profiles with data points such as industry, revenue, employees, and more.


  • Datanyze offers three pricing plans: Nyze Lite (Free with limitations), Nyze Pro 1 ($21 per month), and Nyze Pro 2 ($39 per month).


Pipl specializes in finding, verifying, and scoring leads for users through analyzing their professional online footprint.

Pipl Homepage

Key Features

  • Offers developer-friendly APIs for smooth integration.
  • Provides tools to gather and verify leads, perform people searches, and analyze social networks.
  • Leverages the deep web searching capabilities to provide enriched data.


  • For information about their pricing model, you can contact Pipl's team.


Clearbit is recognized for embedding enriched B2B Sales and Marketing data directly into the various stages of the customer journey. Its data enrichment transforms into a customer delight engine.

Key Features

  • Clearbit’s Prospector feature: Users can generate and analyze a list of leads with essential details.
  • Clearbit’s enrichment feature: Enables completion of lead or customer data via only a company email.
  • Clearbit’s data enrichment tools: Provide real-time context on every lead.


  • You can connect with the Clearbit team to understand their pricing models.


ZoomInfo excels in a comprehensive B2B database with robust search functionalities that focus on granular filters.

ZoomInfo Homepage

Key Features

  • Provides direct access to accurate B2B data.
  • It offers in-database segmentation.
  • Its database is updated regularly, ensuring the information is up-to-date and verified.


  • ZoomInfo's specific prices vary depending on a company's needs and can be obtained by reaching out to their team.


A complete data service provider, Demandbase is lauded for data accuracy and support for Account-Based Marketing (ABM) campaigns. You can enrich data, buy lists, or have their team create tailored data solutions.

Key Features

  • Offers firmographics
  • company news, and social media insights. Unveils companies visiting your website and provides details about them. Enables data synchronization with CRM systems.


  • Multiple pricing plans including Demandbase One™ and an a la carte option.

As the name suggests, is intended for sales hunters—insert a domain, and it provides all publicly available emails for that company, verifying them in the process. Its Chrome plugin is especially useful. Homepage

Key Features

  • Data enrichment of professional profiles
  • management of lead lists for cold email campaigns
  • custom rules to cleanse data from various apps and sources.


  • Offers a free plan and other plans starting from $34/month.


DiscoverOrg focuses on delivering high-quality B2B lead lists. It uses an adept group of data analysts covering medium-to-large businesses only, resulting in exceptionally accurate data.

Key Features

  • Detailed organizational charts
  • direct contact information and unrestricted access to prospect data.


  • Offers an array of plans with prices tuned to your specific needs.


A potent tool that extends beyond conventional data enrichment, Clari is known for its CRM automation feature that proactively wards off inaccuracies by automatically cataloguing often unnoticed sales events.

  • Key Features: The Clari RevDB for data storage and query, data modelling for cleaning, enrichment, and normalizing data, automatic data capture.
  • Pricing: Comprises a free platform and 6 custom-tailored paid models.


FullContact offers data enrichment with a principal emphasis on data activation and advertising.

Key Features

  • Privacy-safe identity resolution
  • database expansion with external data
  • demographic information enhancement.


  • Detailed pricing information can be obtained by contacting FullContact.


While LeadGenius offers conventional data enrichment, it differentiates itself by enabling the creation of small, specialized crawlers for specific projects. Its crawler learns over time, potentially uncovering organizations and prospects that other data providers might miss.

Key Features

  • Enhances lead data based on accounts or target companies.
  • Identifies the right person within an account
  • Builds custom rules to cleanse data.


  • Pricing is adjusted according to the specific needs and scale of your business.


Owler enables salespeople to track companies and gather information from press, media, and more that can be used to reach out to them.

Owler Homepage

Key Features

  • Lead generation by providing company data
  • CRM system integration
  • data cleaning and enrichment services.


  • Owler provides multiple pricing models, the free version allows to follow up to 5 companies.


Syncari offers automatic and ongoing solutions. It brings more precision and control, reducing the need for enrichment. It further allows better utilization of purchased data via automatic controls.

Key Features

  • Stateful sync for consistent data
  • data schema and authority management
  • data enrichment and normalization.


  • Pricing starts from $4995/month depending on record usage.

13.Apollo is a sales intelligence and engagement platform that allows companies to automate their outreach to prospects while improving their CRM with B2B data.

Key Features

  • Robust, searchable databases with detailed company and contact information
  • Advanced filters, saved lists for organizing prospect contacts
  • Automated workflows.


  • Apollo offers different models, the free version offers unlimited emails.

Remember, the data enrichment company that best suits your specific needs might not necessarily be the largest or the most well-known. Each company has its strengths, so understanding your business requirements will help hone in on the perfect data enrichment partner for you.

Comparison of the Top Data Enrichment Companies

Choosing a data enrichment partner that best suits your unique business needs is critical. To aid in your decision-making process, herein is a comparison chart of some top data enrichment companies with insights into their services, prices, customer service, and more.

Company Services Pros Cons Pricing
Clari Data Storage, Data Modelling, Data Enrichment Great interface, Automated data capture Niche focus on CRM Request a quote
Clearbit B2B Sales and Marketing Data Enrichment Great B2B data enrichment More focused on B2B Request a quote
Datanyze Technographics as data enrichment In-depth technology usage data More specialized data focus $21/month upwards
DiscoverOrg High-quality B2B lead lists Accurate and focused B2B data enrichment More focused on B2B Request a quote
FullContact Data Activation and Advertising Efficient identity resolution Limited to identity-related data Request a quote
Company Services Pros Cons Pricing
Infutor Data-Driven Solutions for Audience Targeting Accurate data, efficient customer assistance Specific sector focus Request a quote
InsideView Consolidation of User and CRM with Industry Data Broad company and contact info, seamless integration UI may have a learning curve Request a quote
ZoomInfo B2B Database with Robust Search Functionalities Extensive contact databases, granular search tool Pricier than competitors Request a quote
UpLead List Builder Service Extensive but specific databases, user-friendly interface Certain searches exceed quota quickly $99/month upwards
Lead411 Data-Driven News Alerts Accurate data, user-friendly interface More focused on tech industry data Request a quote
Pipl Online Footprint Analysis for Leads Sophisticated identity resolution, deep web searching capability More individual-focused, less company data Request a quote
Orb Intelligence Firmographic Data Accurate contact info and data sets More B2B-focused service Request a quote
VOIQ Voice-Activated Lead Qualification and Follow-Up Calls Unique combination of AI and human touches More niche, voice-focused service Request a quote

However, bear in mind, these are deemed the best data enrichment tools of 2024 based on overall industry research and user reviews. While one tool may have an edge over another in certain aspects, the final decision should align with your specific business needs, goals, and budget. This compiled list is a great starting point for your final selection.

The Rise of Data Enrichment Companies in 2024

The data enrichment market has been on a steady incline over the years, and it's become increasingly apparent that 2024 has been the year of exponential growth. A confluence of factors has contributed to this surge, impacting businesses in multiple ways.

Analysis of the Growth of Data Enrichment Companies

Data enrichment companies have been gaining significant traction in 2024, responding to the ubiquitous demand for high-quality, enriched data in various industries. The concept of 'Digital Transformation' has gained massive momentum, with more and more organizations acknowledging the value of data-driven decision making. In fact, reports suggest that the global data enrichment solutions market is expected to witness an approximate growth rate of 16% in 2024.

Analysis of the Growth of Data Enrichment Companies

Industries such as Healthcare, Finance, Retail, and Manufacturing have been keen adopters of data enrichment services. They've leveraged these services to optimize their customer relations, improve target marketing, and enhance overall business efficiencies. Additionally, the start-up ecosystem has seen a proliferation of data enrichment companies rising to meet this burgeoning demand.

Factors Influencing This Rise and Impact on Businesses

Several crucial driving factors have contributed to this ascending trend:

1. Digitalization: With the rapid digitalization of businesses, the volume of data generated has spiked, necessitating sophisticated data handling and enrichment tools.

2. Advanced Technologies: The surge in advanced technologies like AI and Machine Learning has empowered data enrichment companies to provide more precise and valuable data for businesses.

3. Regulatory Compliance: With GDPR and other related data regulations, there has been an increased need for reliable data enrichment partners ensuring compliance.

4. Demand for Personalized Marketing: The rising need for personalized, customer-centric marketing has stimulated the demand for rich, comprehensive customer data.

Factors Influencing This Rise and Impact on Businesses

The impact on businesses has been remarkably positive. Enhanced data quality leads to improved decision-making, successful marketing campaigns, higher revenue generation, and long-term customer relations.

Furthermore, enriched data assists in forecasting trends, anticipating customer needs, strategizing business operations, and staying competitive in today's global, dynamic business environment.

In conclusion, the rise of data enrichment companies in 2024 has dynamically reshaped the way enterprises interact with data, playing a crucial role in driving data-driven growth and value creation.

Future Trends in Data Enrichment

The realm of data enrichment has witnessed an explosive surge of advances in recent years. This progression shows no signs of slowing down, with a series of promising trends poised to reshape the industry's future. Backed by technological growth and driven by an insatiable appetite for high-quality, actionable insights, the future of data enrichment is bright.

Predicted Trends in Data Enrichment

  1. Automation and Artificial Intelligence: The integration of AI and Automation will revolutionize data enrichment procedures, making them faster, more precise, and significantly more efficient. For instance, Machine Learning algorithms can better analyze, classify, and interpret enriched data, leading to more accurate business insights and decision making.
  2. Advanced Data Privacy Measures: As data regulations become more stringent, data enrichment companies will prioritize advanced data privacy and protection measures in their offerings. Emphasizing secure data handling techniques will create a more trusted environment for businesses to harness their services.
  3. Real-Time Data Enrichment: As businesses increasingly demand up-to-the-minute accurate data, data enrichment companies will advance to provide real-time data enrichment services, giving businesses an edge in fast-paced competitive environments.
  4. Predictive Analysis: Leveraging enriched data for predictive analysis will likely become more mainstream. Predictive models use the enriched data to foresee potential trends and patterns, enabling businesses to plan and strategize proactively.
  5. Hyper-Personalized Marketing: With the demand for personalized marketing experiences witnessing a steady rise, data enrichment will continue to play a critical role in enabling businesses to understand their customers and cater to their distinct preferences.

Role of Data Enrichment Companies in Shaping these Trends

Data enrichment companies are the catalysts in executing these trends. Not only do they shape these trends but also steer users toward a more effective application of enriched data.

Role of Data Enrichment Companies in Shaping these Trends
  • Companies like Clearbit and Clari are set to leverage AI and machine learning algorithms more extensively in their offerings, setting the trend of automated, intelligent data enrichment.
  • Infutor and Pipl are taking commendable strides in ensuring data privacy, encouraging other companies to prioritize advanced data privacy measures.
  • Businesses can look to companies like InsideView and ZoomInfo for real-time data enrichment services, accommodating the demand for real-time, actionable insights.
  • Predictive analysis finds strong support from companies like Datanyze and DiscoverOrg, which offer robust data that businesses can leverage to forecast trends and make informed decisions.
  • Through services like those offered by UpLead and FullContact, businesses can enrich their data to such an extent that they can achieve hyper-personalized marketing, offering customized, relevant marketing strategies that resonate with their audience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about data enrichment and data enrichment companies:

1. What is data enrichment?

Data enrichment refers to processes that enhance, refine, and improve raw data. It typically involves augmenting your data with additional, relevant information from external sources, assuring it's comprehensive, accurate, and organized.

2. How could data enrichment benefit my business?

Through data enrichment,

  • Businesses can make better decisions backed with comprehensive and accurate data.
  • Empowers personalized marketing, focusing on specific customer preferences.
  • Enhanced customer engagement, leading to increased loyalty.
  • Helps predict potential trends and prepare the business accordingly.

3. How do I select the best data enrichment company for my business?

The selection should ideally depend on your specific business requirements. However, a reliable data enrichment company should match your business's scalability, have a proven track record of reliability, offer seamless integration, ensure compliance with data protection regulations, fit within your budget, and offer excellent customer support.

4. Is the data provided by data enrichment companies secure?

Renowned data enrichment companies understand their responsibility when dealing with sensitive data. They adhere to stringent data security standards and ensure their services comply with relevant data protection regulations.

5. How expensive are data enrichment services?

Data enrichment services can vary significantly in cost based on the services provided, data quality, data volume, and additional features offered. Most companies provide a quote-based pricing model depending upon your business requirements. Some also offer a free trial or freemium model as a starting point.

6. How to effectively leverage enriched data for my business?

The exact application of enriched data will depend on your business goals. However, typical uses of enriched data include improving customer segmentation, facilitating personalized marketing, optimizing sales tactics, enhancing customer service, and more.